linpacblRfresh Elite® from LINPAC is the ultimate solution for meat and poultry packers in search of a sustainable tray packaging option and has just been recognised by the EDIE Sustainability Leaders Awards 2015.

The novel pack uses a unique, patented sealant on the flange to create a secure seal with the lidding film, removing the need for the industry standard laminated PE base film.

The ingenious sealing system, which is food contact approved, can be removed in the hot wash processes employed by Europe’s PET recycling companies, meaning a recycled Elite tray will yield 100 per cent crystal clear PET.

For food packers, the sealing system requires a reduced seal temperature and dwell time, delivering an estimated 15 per cent reduction in energy use per line and higher packing speeds, boosting capacity. For retailers, Elite also offers improved seal strength minimising the risk of leaking packs, reducing food waste throughout the supply chain.

linpac rfresh eliteThe technology has been developed in conjunction with the manufacturer’s lightweighting programme, implemented to reduce the overall weight and carbon footprint of many of their trays.

Combining the redesign of the tray to reduce material waste, along with the removal of the PE base film, the weight of the tray is reduced approximately 13 per cent compared with industry standard rPET/PE designs. Through significant process and product innovation, LINPAC has reduced the carbon footprint of the tray significantly whilst retaining operational efficiency and product integrity.

Finally, Elite trays are manufactured from up to 95 per cent post consumer recyclate in a bid to create a closed loop recycling process.

LINPAC has invested heavily in its in-house supercleaning technology, which is EFSA approved, to ensure its rPET meets the most stringent food safety and hygiene regulations for food packaging.