Dutch circular innovation power at VIV Asia trade show

Viv Asia 2019Five innovative Dutch farmers present sustainable and circular business models

The Netherlands has been a leading country in innovation in agriculture for decades. The export value of agricultural produce is tremendous and Dutch agricultural technology is found everywhere around the world.

Yet the times are changing. Climate, environment, animal welfare and public opinion are more than ever before, factors to take into consideration.

The next step is finding new ways of sustainable farming methods and taking the sector to a new level. Thereby The Netherlands again in a leading position.

Dutch farmers and team

Dutch farmers and team

Initiated by the “Kip van Oranje” innovation platform, five innovative Dutch farmers proved that this is possible. During the Holland Inspiration Congress at VIV Asia in Bangkok, Thailand, they shared their vision and stories with the audience and how they manage to run their business in a different way. Thereby focusing on circularity, sustainability and being future oriented. Full coverage was on poultry, pig and dairy production.

“We are convinced that The Netherlands will keep its position as a leading country in innovation in the livestock sector”, says VIV global director Ruwan Berculo. “We have our roots in The Netherlands and we must keep telling and confirm to the world that we truly have innovative technology to offer.  For that reason, we invited those five farmers to tell their stories. Prove that they manage to make a living in a different, but successful way.  During the show, we have established good contacts with professional parties in this sector, both on the production as well as on the retail side. Very promising. We will certainly move on in this direction. Next occasion will probably be our VIV MEA show in Abu Dhabi next year”.

All speakers Holland Inspiration Congress

All speakers of the Holland Inspiration Congress

This Holland Inspiration Congress was furthermore endorsed by other parties, like the Dutch Government, Wageningen University, GD and the agribusiness.

“Truly a showcase”, says Frederik Vossenaar, representing the Dutch Ministry of Agriculture. “This is exactly in line with the vision of our Minister. These five are highly motivated and dedicated farmers that have built their farms around innovative ideas and futureproof sustainability ”, he adds. “They connect to consumers in an impressive manner. These farmers can make a decent living without getting trapped in a downward spiral for the lowest cost price. It can inspire other farmers worldwide.  It is a different way of thinking and these farmers are fully aware of that. There’s no other choice but finding new ways in agriculture. Starting at the base of the mountain. But at the same time remain a link in the entire value chain of the animal production business. The Holland Inspiration Congress was a unique opportunity to share these innovative ideas with a wide international audience.”

Noud Janssen of the “Kip van Oranje” innovation platform concludes: “We have shown to the world in an inspiring way, that successful cooperation between agribusiness, government, institutes and animal health bodies with the farmer in a central position, truly leads to innovation in The Netherlands. An approach that is receiving global attention”. www.vivasia.nl