linpacLINPAC, the leading fresh food packaging producer and Bomark, a leading packaging distributor into the Balkan markets are pleased to announce an exclusive supply and distribution agreement for the territories of Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia Herzegovina, and Serbia under which Bomark will become the exclusive distributor of certain packaging products manufactured by LINPAC.

As part of the transaction, LINPAC is selling its distribution businesses based in the territories to Bomark.

Commenting on the deal, Daniel Dayan, CEO of LINPAC said, "This is an excellent opportunity for Bomark and LINPAC to participate in growing their presence in partnership in the Balkans, with each side able to concentrate on what it does best. Customers will continue to benefit from high quality packaging for fresh and chilled foods produced to exacting standards in LINPAC's plants, whilst enjoying the proximity, short lead times and excellent service that Bomark can provide.  LINPAC’s sales operations in the region are profitable and successful but small in the context of the LINPAC Group.  We are sure that these businesses will flourish as part of a much larger and regionally-focused market leader."


LINPAC is a global supplier of thermoformed packaging and packaging films for fresh and chilled foods supplying products from plants in 9 countries to over 70 countries worldwide.

Bomark is a substantial distributor based in the Balkans and also supplies stretch PE films for a number of applications into markets across Europe.