NEW NOCK skinning machine for white fish at the SPG 2019 in Brussels

nockThe German manufacturer NOCK will exhibit their new SKINEX SBW 496 WHITE FISH, automatic skinning machine for all white fish species in hall 4, booth no.4-6333 at the SEAFOOD PROCESSING GLOBAL (SPG) in Brussels.

With the new, flexible NOCK MULTI-DISC® upper pressure belt, this machine skins white fish such as cod, pollack redfish, haddock, wolffish, halibut, pike perch and other white fish species particularly, gently, reliably and reaches the highest yield.

SBW 416 White FishThe machine offers 2 skinning methods: pulling off the skin with a blunt blade (silver skinning) or skinning with a sharp blade (stepless from thin to deep, favoured with the optional blade holder technology NOCK ACTIVE SKIN GRIPPER® ASG).

The fillets pass through the machine virtually horizontally without deflection, thus preventing damage to the inner fillet and avoiding the V-shaped splitting of the tail.

As with all NOCK fish skinners, the conveyors, pressure unit and the blade holder can be easily removed without tools for cleaning purposes.

NOCK Maschinenbau GmbH
77948 Friesenheim / GERMANY