Steak now a health food thanks to new Lite Beef

musclefoodA new range of beef with up to 14 times less fat than standard cuts is expected to be a hit with foodies watching their waistlines.

New Lite Beef, developed by online health and fitness retailer, promises the same intense flavour of standard beef in a meat that’s leaner than chicken. The meat is packed with protein and is so low in fat that makers are claiming they have developed the very first health food steak.

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New LINPAC Appointments to Support Sustainable Business Strategy

linpacblFresh food packaging manufacturer LINPAC has recently made two new appointments to support its global films business and to build upon its leading sustainability position.

Lubna Edwards has joined LINPAC as director of sustainability and Martine Brisset as managing director of the films business.  

Helene Roberts, group marketing & innovation director at LINPAC, said: “I am delighted that Lubna and Martine have joined LINPAC as we embark upon our next chapter.

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Corbion: Receives New Patent Grant for Vinegar Powder

corbionCorbion has been granted a European patent for its unique vinegar powder. This patented technology covers a composition and process for producing the powdered vinegar, and use of it as a preservative in meat and other food and beverages.

To meet consumer demands for familiar ingredients, food manufacturers are looking for natural solutions that can replace artificial agents. Vinegar, is familiar to consumers, and is a rich source of acetic acid and a well-known inhibitor of microbes and pathogens. Liquid vinegar may be the best known source, but isn't always a viable choice.

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GEA RedAstrum – the compact heat pump solution for industrial uses and for local heat distribution networks

geaWith its new GEA RedAstrum series, GEA offers a highly efficient, standardized ammonia heat pump solution for indoor installation in industrial uses and local heat distribution networks. Distribution of heat to the users takes place via a water cycle. Heat exchangers, as they are already used in the efficient GEA Blu chillers, assure excellent heat transfer from the ammonia medium to the heating medium.

The heat pump provides heat at a temperature level up to 80 °C: which also makes it effective for preparation and supply of hot water in industrial processes.

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First Detectamet Silver Guardian Awarded

DetectametExhibitions are exciting and surprising and SIAL 2016 turned out to be a very good location to launch Detectamet’s new incentive scheme to encourage good anti-contamination management.

A user of Detectamet detectable products was exhibiting near to Detectamet’s exhibition stand and they helped to keep their customer’s products protected with detectable gloves to protect the safe supply of Pizzas.

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Happy World Food Day from The Six-Second Project

thesixsecondproject logoToday is World Food Day – a day that commemorates the founding of the Food and Agriculture Organization in 1946. It is a day for people around the world to declare their commitment to ending hunger in our lifetime. Although this is a special day, today is not much different than yesterday. You see, yesterday, some 8,500 children died of hunger or hunger-related causes. Today, another 8,500 children will suffer completely preventable deaths due to hunger. Happy World Food Day.

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CSB-System Named ERP System of the Year

csbIndustry-specific software from CSB-System AG has been named ERP System of the Year 2016 in a competition held at the IT & Business exhibition in Stuttgart, Germany.  CSB took the award thanks in particular to its concrete customer benefits and the Smart Food Factory concept.

The independent expert committee of the “Centre for Enterprise Research” (CER) at Potsdam University chose CSB’s software as the winner in the “Food and Nutrition” category. The jury recognised its industry specialisation and scope as well as the integration capabilities of the turnkey solution.

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Safeguarding animal health and welfare and the veterinary workforce at the heart of BVA’s Brexit priorities

bvaThe British Veterinary Association (BVA) is calling on the UK Government to ensure existing animal health and welfare, public health, veterinary medicines, workforce, and environmental protection standards are at least maintained as part of negotiations on the UK’s exit from the European Union.

In the Brexit paper, approved by BVA Council on 22 September, BVA also urged the Government to seek opportunities to improve standards in accordance with evidence-based risk analysis of animal health, welfare and ethics.

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