Systems Integration Launched Enhanced Audit Ready Solution at Foodex

siIn response to the recent high profile coverage of FSA reviews, the leading food software specialist, Systems Integration (SI) has announced the launch of its enhanced audit ready solution for perishable food businesses, which will provide even greater process and data control.

The enhanced, modular solution combines real-time data capture driven reporting, with process error prevention and optimisation tools.

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New Study: Phageguard S More Effective At Reducing Salmonella than Chemical Treatments

phageguardMicreos, a pioneer in cutting-edge pathogen reduction technology, today announces the results of a newly published scientific study which found that PhageGuard S, a new treatment for Salmonella reduction on food products, is more effective than lactic acid (LA) and peracetic acid (PAA). The findings are of particular interest to meat and poultry processors looking to minimize the use of chemicals in their production processes and protect worker safety.

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The New GLOBALG.A.P. NON-GM ADD-ON For The Aquaculture And Livestock Sector

globalgapGLOBALG.A.P. has developed a set of modules for a NON-GM Add-on that enables GLOBALG.A.P. certified compound feed producers, livestock and aquaculture producers, and processors to apply for a label on their products with the German standardized VLOG “Ohne GenTechnik” seal.

Due to rising concerns regarding sufficient transparency of genetically modified foods for consumers, the German government has issued a national regulation for the labeling of NON-GM food and developed a label for such products. It is licensed exclusively to the German association VLOG e.V., the industry association for food produced without genetic engineering.

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Quality requires precision: GEA's CMAG™ flow meter provides accurate measurement data for sensitive production processes

geaTo complement automated production plants, for example, in the food, pharmaceutical and biotech industries, GEA has developed the magnetic inductive flow meter CMAG™. The easy-to-install version of the proven IZMAG™ flow meter delivers highly accurate and reliable measurement data, helping GEA's customers improve dosing and recipe control, minimize risks and optimize resource utilization.

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Australian high-end Brand moves to Schur®Star Box Bag

schurSchur®Star Box Bag ensures crucial attention to the product

The supermarket shelves are overflowing with products seeking the consumer’s attention. This is why the greatest possible exposure was the objective when one of Australia’s prime providers of seafood selected the pack for its Ocean Blue Trout Portions.

The result is an eye-catching design signaling freshness and superior quality – with appeal to health-conscious consumers.

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Systems Integration Heralds New Era for Food Processors with Breakthrough Technology Deals

siLeading UK food software specialist, Systems Integration (SI), has agreed deals with prepared food, meat processors, fish & seafood, catering butchers and snack businesses in 2018, heralding a major move to technology driven processing in the food industry.

Focused on real-time shop floor data capture and integrated reporting, the new wins reflect a wider industry move towards information driven production planning, stock and margin management, and the ever-increasing importance of traceability.

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The new Meyn WLD whole leg deboner M3.0 is a compact and flexible deboning solution; easy to install and with limited investments.

meynThe Meyn WLD Whole Leg Deboner M3.0 makes deboning even more attractive. The Whole leg deboner M3.0 processes left and right anatomical legs with or without skin at a maximum capacity of 4,200 legs per hour; 16.7% increased efficiency.

The WLD M3.0 can precisely debone whole legs to the highest-quality export standards, and to the level of quality demanded by the consumer. The system produces high quality, boneless whole leg fillet with minimal chance of bone fragments.

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First Sustainable Food Awards Launched

sustainablefoodawardsLondon – The first awards dedicated to sustainability in the international food industry have been launched by Ecovia Intelligence (formerly known as Organic Monitor). The Sustainable Food Awards ( are open to entries from food companies, ingredient firms, packaging companies, industry associations, and related operators who are helping build a sustainable food industry.

These awards have five distinct categories…

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