Completely Detectable Lanyards Decrease Food Contamination Risks

DetectametThe food industry makes widespread use of lanyards because they allow equipment to be always on-hand for use. The tools are more securely held in place and less likely to be lost into the processing machinery.  A lanyard attachment point is frequently specified by customers buying Detectamet detectable pens and other tools such as calculators, stop watches and cooking timers. They are sometimes used on items like safety knives to hang them close to the place of use.

detectamet detectable lanyard

The Completely Detectable Lanyard reduces chance of losing equipment and reduces risk of food contamination

Detectamet’s new Completely Detectable Lanyards are Metal and X-ray Detectable like most of Detectamet’s products.  This provides food manufacturers with the reassurance that should the equipment be lost and broken in production then the plastic pieces will be identified in the food products and rejected. So if the new Detectamet lanyard is mislaid or lost, the entire product is detectable.

James Chrismas MD at Detectamet explained “Our customers raised concerns that whilst fabric lanyards met some of their security needs they needed the reassurance that the whole of the material from which it was made could be found by their in-line scanning equipment.”

The new Completely Detectable Lanyard is blue for food visibility and at 41 cm (16 inches) long offers a very practical dangle. This means that the user can reach the clip board or desk surface and write comfortably. The Completely Detectable Lanyards are supplied in packs of 10.

“We have succeeded in producing a completely detectable strap section material  using a strong detectable material that has a soft feel and elasticity for comfortable wear” James explained “that ensures that food workers are encouraged to keep their  pens  and equipment under control. The use of Detectamet’s new all detectable lanyards adds an extra layer of assurance” James concluded.