First Detectamet Silver Guardian Awarded

DetectametExhibitions are exciting and surprising and SIAL 2016 turned out to be a very good location to launch Detectamet’s new incentive scheme to encourage good anti-contamination management.

A user of Detectamet detectable products was exhibiting near to Detectamet’s exhibition stand and they helped to keep their customer’s products protected with detectable gloves to protect the safe supply of Pizzas.

Caseificio Tre Stelle s.r.l. is an Italian producer of high quality Buffalo Mozzarella and to demonstrate their cheese they supplied visitors with samples of Pizza made on the stand using their cheese.

detectamet silver guardian 2016

Detectamet’s Jon Ireland , left, presents Gianluco De Martino with the Silver Guardian Award for Caseificio Tere Stelle’s commitment to food safety

Following research, we discovered that the company was already using more than 5 Detectamet detectable products which qualified them to receive the Detectamet Silver Guardian award for their commitment to food safety.

The Technical Manager Gianluca De Martino at Caseificio’s Three Star Dairy said he was delighted to see Detectamet at the show and was pleasantly surprised when he was presented with the Silver Guardian award by Jon Ireland, the new Sales Director at Detectamet.

The new award scheme is rewarding companies that demonstrate their food safety culture by protecting customers and consumers from the risk of physical contamination in their products. There are three levels of award; Silver, Gold and Platinum and they are being presented in accordance with the level of commitment made by the recipients.  Silver awards will go to food companies using more than three detectable plastic products. Gold winners will be employing seven or more products and the users of eleven or more products will receive the Platinum Award.

Sean Smith, the Chairman of the Detectamet Group of Companies, said “I was delighted that we could recognise and reward Caseificio whose product at SIAL was not only safe but delicious.”