«Portuguese beef» reaches new markets

Portuguese Beef«Portuguese beef» reaches new markets due to an internationalization project focused on how to potentiate the Portuguese endogenous products and trigger the demand for products of recognized quality with Protected Denomination of Origin (PDO).

The aim of the «Portuguese Beef» brand is to promote the tradition, authenticity of the meat from Portuguese autochthonous breeds (Arouquesa, Barrosã, Cachena, Marinhoa, Maronesa, Minhota, and Mirandesa).

Portuguese Beef Meat

The combination of genetic characteristics with an extensive breeding and the exclusive feeding of the calves on mother's milk, fodder, and cereals, allows the early and infiltration of fat into the muscle fibers, providing the meat with succulent, tenderness and unmistakable taste, of recognized international merit.

The promotion of PDO (Protected Designation of Origin) certified products brings considerable benefits to the rural economy, retaining the rural population, improving farmers' incomes and increasing the trade business of the country.

All the meat of these breeds has in common the fact that they are from traditional Portuguese breeds of the North and Center of Portugal, fed on natural pastures, without productive stress, in eco-sustainable systems.

Portuguese Beef Beef

Since last year, the «Portuguese Beef» has attended in international fairs and organized international events, mainly directed to opinion-makers, press, distributors, and importers in the gourmet market niche.

These activities are part of the internationalization project of the «Portuguese Beef» project, promoted by the National Federation of Autochthonous Breeds Association and co-financing by the Operational Thematic Program for Competitiveness and Internationalization, within the scope of the Support System for Collective Actions (SIAC) of a total investment of EUR 426,637.00, co-financed by 85% by the European Regional Development Fund (FEDER).