Stay Secure and Staple Free with Detectamet’s New Crimper and Staple Free Stapler

DetectametRogue pieces of metal in food are a long standing issue for the food industry. Detection equipment and good manufacturing practice which blocks the use of high risk items such as metal staplers can reduce the risks, but the incidents are is still too high.

The recent spate of product recalls caused by the possibility of unspecified metal pieces in a range of products has reminded us that a good exclusion and inspection policy is essential. Answering the food industry’s need to secure essential documents without compromising its ban on staples has been one of Detectamet’s objectives.

The new Detectamet Five Sheet Crimper for example can fasten several sheets of paper without the use of a conventional metal staple so that instructions, record keeping and report papers can be fastened together and taken onto the production floor. With no staples to get detached and mislaid the contamination risk is eliminated.

“I have seen source reports on metal frequently found in food and they show metal staples are fourth on the list “ said Sean Smith CEO at Detectamet “ This is a solvable challenge and our range of simple solutions can turn the food processing areas into staple free zones.”

The company has four sizes of staple free staplers that work by cutting and folding tags of paper within themselves to secure the paper. Without any fastening the instructions, records and traceability information could become loose and mislaid. The latest addition to the Detectamet range is a ten sheet stapler and it joins the eight and six sheet “no staple” staplers that have been proving so popular.

To complete the choice Detectamet produces a five sheet Stapleless Stapler using metal and X-ray detectable plastic to form the housing.