GEA brings home the British bacon with new MultiJector and DualSlicer


A new high performance system for improving the quality and yield of meat and poultry products, without interrupting the production process, is now available to the UK food industry.

GEA has launched the MultiJector, a new automated brine injection system set to transform the delivery of salt solution for food processors, as well as delighting consumers by ensuring a juicier and more flavourful final dish, especially for lean cuts of meat that tend to dry out during cooking.

GEA MultiJector

GEA MultiJector

As the founder of industrial injection, GEA has 50 years' experience optimising the process to meet customers' changing needs. The company's latest market-leading model uses the maximum 'time-in-meat' technique which means the needles remain in the product longer during injection, resulting in better brine uptake and more even distribution, significantly increasing quality, efficiency and yield.

Specifically designed for bacon and poultry processing, GEA's new equipment provides a tight injection pattern with pin-point accuracy thanks to two-millimeter Optiflex needles that combine strength (68% stronger than traditional stainless steel) with flexibility: they can flex and recover their shape to prevent bent or broken shards.

Another advantage of GEA's dream machine is an adjustable stripper plate so that the pressure on the meat can be varied - from a light touch to more robust pressure - maximising brine distribution in certain products.

The MultiJector is also a clean machine as it features surfaces that are easy to reach with horizontal faces inclined to prevent fluid build-up. Cleaning downtime is minimised due to a unique conveyor belt system for easy maintenance, whilst an ultra-hygienic frame design eliminates hidden or inaccessible cavities.

After successfully unveiling the equipment at the IPPE Show in the United States, technology group GEA, one of the world's leading suppliers of food processing and packaging machinery, believes it is onto a worldwide winner with the MultiJector, which can be easily integrated into most lines.

GEA DualSlicer

GEA DualSlicer

To coincide with the launch of the MultiJector, GEA has also developed its high performance slicer, the GEA DualSlicer, with additional options and capabilities. The DualSlicer is targeted at the UK meat and poultry sectors, as well as being suitable for dairy products.

Developed for integration into fully automated lines and the perfect partner to the MultiJector, the GEA DualSlicer consecutively slices two calibrated logs such as round sausage, or two uncalibrated logs like cheese, cooked or raw ham. It delivers consistent slice quality and thicknesses - even with softer products - and for bulk bacon back slicing it can achieve up to 2500kg per hour. Automatic product loading from the rear is fast, reliable and protects the product.

Derek Paterson, GEA UK's Head of Food Processing & Packaging Sales, commented: "If you'll excuse the pun, the DualSlicer is a cut above the rest due to the innovative features that help minimise waste while improving product output. There are technical objectives for a sliced food producer: the perfect slice is defined by low give-away and a high percentage of on-weight portions, which translates into high yield. With a blade speed of up to 700 revolutions per minute, the slicer is equipped to meet those objectives and growing demands for higher speed, easy operation, reliability and ease of maintenance.

"Combine this with the MultiJector and food processors have a real 'dream team' that brings significant benefits in terms of product quality, output speed and overall yield to any bacon or poultry line. Individually, the machines are hugely impressive; together they're unrivalled."

 GEA is one of the world's leading suppliers of high-tech equipment that is easy to operate and process-reliable, delivering savings while meeting the diverse and demanding requirements of the food and drinks packaging industry. The company also offers service and maintenance packages that can help keep production lines running at maximum efficiency.