Campus - Innovative food ingredients for the food industry

campusCampus is a young, dynamic Italian producer of functional raw materials and innovative systems for meat and savoury industry.

From the 7th to the 12th of May 2016, Campus will attend to IFFA with its technical-commercial staff in order to present the latest novelties and the latest raw materials processed by Campus at its production facilities.

In particular, we will be presenting:

Meat Free Frankfurters
Natural structure, great taste, clean label.

Salt and Phosphates Replacers
No compromise with taste and juiciness

Soy Replacers

Shelf-Life Improvers
Your protection against Lysteria.

Fat Replacer for Salami
Innovative and healthier salami

Transglutaminase and Enzymes Functional Systems

Functional vegetable Fibers
Innovative range of very functional vegetable fibers, able to gel and to retain water in cold and hot conditions.

Chemically Modified Starches Replacer
Cost effective native starches working like modified starches, with no EEC numbers.

Animal Proteins
Functional and non-functional pure animal proteins of pork, beef, and poultry.

Clean Label Solutions
Phosphates free, Soy free, Caseinate free, Lactate free, Milk and derivates free solutions

Customized blends for the meat industry

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