Ishida Expertise on Show and on Test at Foodex

ishida logoIshida Europe will literally be putting its quality control expertise to the test at this year’s Foodex exhibition by inviting visitors to bring their own packs to the stand to be tested for contaminants, leakages or other QC issues.

The company will also be running a competition on the stand, with visitors invited to select a box of confectionery to run through the Ishida X-ray machine.  Anyone choosing a box with a contaminant will then be entered into a prize draw to win an iPad.

Demonstrating Ishida Europe’s QC capabilities will be its recently-launched revolutionary AirScan leak detector and its market-leading IX-GA-4075 X-ray system, while the company will also be showing a 14 head multihead weigher from its advanced RV series.

ish2016.018 AirScan handling ready meals

The new Ishida AirScan minimises spoilage in a wide variety of pre-packed retail food products, including fresh, cooked and cured meat, poultry, seafood, fruit, vegetables, cheeses and ready meals.  It uses advanced laser technology to identify leaks of CO2 from holes as small as 0.3mm in sealed MAP packs at speeds of up to 180 packs per minute, ensuring that maximum quality can be achieved without compromising on high throughput speeds and minimum packing time.

By maintaining the optimum gas fill for each pack, the leak detector provides consistent product quality.  Any production problems can be identified and rectified quickly, reducing the amount of packaging that has to be scrapped, while the non-destructive testing process allows product to be re-packed.

ish2016.018 multihead weigher

The elimination of leaking packs also helps to minimise customer complaints and the costs of product returns, leading to a fast return on investment and helping to enhance a supplier’s reputation for quality and reliability.

ish2016.018 IX GA 4075 H 1Ishida’s IX-GA-4075 high performance X-ray inspection system can reliably detect even the smallest foreign bodies, including bone, stones, glass, metals and dense plastics.  The machine features Ishida’s unique Genetic Algorithm (GA) technology which enables operators to ‘train’ the X-ray system for greater sensitivity to specific contaminants.  In addition, the place of contamination can be accurately pinpointed.  As part of its enhanced quality control function, the IX-GA-4075 can also spot missing, undersized and mis-shaped items or damaged products, and carry out weight estimation and grading.

Ishida will also be pleased to carry out specific sensitivity tests during the show to compare the machine’s capabilities against any competitive system.

The 14 head CCW-RV-214 multihead weigher, shown in its WP ‘waterproof’ version is ideal for fresh and frozen foods at speeds of up to 100 packs per minute.  RV models combine higher speeds - some 15% faster than previous ranges – with consistent weighing at close-to-zero giveaway.  An improved user interface includes an ultra-fast touch screen for quicker and easier set up, while the CCW-RV can also be operated remotely via wireless access with tablets, androids and smart phones.  Enhanced security features include fingerprint verification access.

The hygienic design is IP69k-rated and maintains Ishida’s legendary durability and reliability, with a robust construction that enables the weigher to operate reliably even in the most difficult environments.  A new Power Management system provides three power modes (Full, Half and Eco), which help deliver 20% lower power consumption.