What makes the Perfect Food Processing Pen

DetectametThe Perfect Food Processing Pen?

After working hard to ensure its new Elephant Pen answers all the requirements of the food industry Detectamet was delighted when a customer sent a report about her experience with the new pen.

Agata is the Technical Assistant for an International luxury chocolatier.  She ordered Detectamet’s new one piece Elephant stick pen through Advanced Packaging in Ireland in the hope that finally her company would be getting a pen that would meet its needs for practicality and safety.

These Elephant brand stick pens were designed with or without a pocket clip and offer the option to have a lanyard attachment point. Agata had tried a number of other types of pen for use in her company’s production area and she hoped these new ones would tick all her boxes for compliance.

detectamet pen 1

The Metal and X-Ray Detectable Elephant pen range from Detectamet offers six body designs, nine colour choices and four ink colours.

This Technical Assistant is known for her clear requirements and her very precise comments were passed to Detectamet. Agata explained that she really liked the feel/shape because she wanted a pen that was easy to use and ensured clear writing.

Although the clip pen is Detectamet’s most popular design, Agata needed a stick pen for her specific requirements.  She discovered that the lanyard attachment point not only secured the pen to the user at all times, but it also helped to prevent it rolling off a work surface. The attachment point is perfectly sized for connecting the lanyard or safety chain quickly and easily and the generous shape made it easier to be cleaned.

The grip has a triangular section to provide a secure hold for gloved hands in wet working areas and the whole body has textured finish. The new Elephant Pen can be ‘seen and rejected’ by both metal detection and X-ray inspection systems used in the food industry.

detectamet pen 2

The Metal and X-Ray Detectable Elephant pen range from Detectamet is designed for easy writing in wet areas.

The lanyard attachment will take a safety chain or the clip on a fabric lanyard that includes a breakaway device for safe use in a working machine area. The whole of the pen is rounded for easy cleaning and minimal soiling and entrapment.

“We are really pleased to hear such great feedback from our new design which is taking the industry by storm.” said Detectamet’s MD James Chrismas,” Our customers have a huge choice of housing colours, and with four ink colours each customer can design their detectable pen to meet their special needs”.