INOTEC – Sausage separation 2.0 – awarded industrial design for sausage cutting machines, iF Design award 2017

inotecThe new generation of INOTEC sausage cutting machines was awarded by Germany’s most traditional design institution iF International Forum Design GmbH in Hannover. The “iF Design Award 2017” has a tradition of over 60 years and every year more than 5.500 products of 59 countries apply for it. The critical jury members were convinced by INOTEC’s sausage cutting machine WT99-iT because of an extremely hygienic and dynamic machine design which meets all requirements in terms of sanitation and resists the tough industrial conditions of the food industry.

The separation of sausage links are the prestage of the packaging and one of INOTEC’s main business activities. The WT link cutters of the new iT series are cutting all sausage types extremely precise and in an optimum way. A working speed of up to 1800 cuts per minute allows enough performance even to feed modern high performance packaging machines.

INOTEC High End Rendering Schneidemaschine WT99

INOTEC’s new developed operational concept „iT“ is based on a 10.4“ Touch Screen Panel which is intuitively and easy to use. The language free operation and the use of only self-explaining symbols was the reason why this new industrial PC based control concept won in 2013 the treasured “FT Award”. Multiple operation modes are extending the field of applications for the INOTEC link cutters: A mode for constant cutting for example allows the operator to cut cabanossi sticks, sausage decoration for soups or Curry Wurst. A counting function makes it easy to produce bulk packages, a defined quantity is counted and the machine stops for a defined time. The WT99-iT is equipped with an unique filter for “cobra heads”, especially for naturally matured snack-sticks. With this technical highlight the cutting yield is very close to 100 %.

INOTEC is a German machine manufacturer which produces complete installations and stand-alone machines for the food industry. The product portfolio of the company which is based in Reutlingen consists of complete processing lines as well as mixers and emulsifiers, portioning- and tying-machines and a very wide range of sausage cutting machines.

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