Marel Poultry presents a cutting edge showcase

marel poultryInnovative solutions for all processing needs at VIV Asia

During VIV Asia, Marel Poultry will present a unique live cut-up and deboning demonstration, reproducing manually the cuts and maneuvers of our equipment. Besides that, many new poultry processing innovations will be revealed concerning thigh filleting, breast cap deboning, cut-up, portioning and batching.

Marel Poultry will demonstrate a unique live demonstration during VIV Asia. An in-house cutting expert will show how our skillful cut up and deboning systems go about to achieve the highest quality, most precise cuts and maneuvers. This setup will clarify processes more than the equipment itself could possibly do; it is fairly unfeasible to reveal the real mechanical operations, even when using running machines with open panels.

Marel Poultry Manual Cut

During VIV Asia, Marel Poultry showcases a live manual cut up demonstration.

Cutting edge showcase
By manually mimicking the movements of cut up and deboning equipment, Marel Poultry shows its high level of specialized research, development, engineering and application, all needed to understand processes such as thigh deboning. Our company has detailed expertise in poultry processing operations and knows exactly how to automate these processes, always bearing in mind our customers' needs. That's why our systems stand out for quality, precision and reliability.

The live cutting demonstration also reflects the trend to automation as a means to improve quality, hygiene and food safety. The demonstrated manual processes are so complicated, that processing plants would need a large amount of skilled laborers to achieve them. However, there is a global shortage of such expert work force, which also explains the need for automation.

Thigh fillets on the rise
Marel Poultry already foresaw the trend towards a growing popularity of deboned thigh meat and created the world's first inline high-capacity thigh filleting solution. With utmost efficiency and consistency, the bone is carefully separated from the meat, in order to supply retail quality thigh fillets.

Intelligence in breast filleting 
To make life easier for poultry processors, Marel Poultry has added even more intelligence to the AMF-i breast cap filleting process. Processors no longer have to manually select a product size related recipe, as module settings adjust themselves automatically to the measured product size.

Asian wing cutting
The Stork Second Joint Wing Cutter HY system succeeds in reproducing mechanically the skilled, manual movements of this traditional Asian cut, which is specially favored in China. The result is a precisely cut center wing piece with an excellent presentation, respecting traditions, and with higher yield for the poultry processor.

Taking portioning to a new era
The Marel I-Cut 122 Portion Cutter combines the highest levels of accuracy, throughput and reliability with new, innovative software. This dual-lane portioner been designed for cutting boneless, non-frozen poultry products to fixed weight or uniform dimensions. The I-Cut 122 can also perform specific Asian cuts, which will, of course, be addressed during the manual showcase.

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