Advancing poultry processing to the next level

marelMarel Poultry launches Nugget Line, ATLAS and more at IPPE

At the 2018 IPPE expo, Marel Poultry, proven global market leader in poultry processing solutions, will launch many innovations, all of them designed to make life easier for processors and add value to their processes. A world’s first is the Automated Nugget Line, which will surely be warmly welcomed in the homeland of the nugget.

Marel Poultry has developed the integrated Automated Nugget Line to facilitate machine-driven whole muscle nugget production. The system consists of an I-Cut 122 which cuts fillets into strips. Next in line is the SingleFeed to singulate the strips. The brand new Marel StripPositioner plays a crucial role in the process; it rotates incoming strips 90 degrees and spaces them appropriately so they are in the perfect position for the second I-Cut 122. This portion cutter will then take care of optimized nugget portioning. Marel Poultry´s automated cubing solution is truly “a cut above” and saves considerable labor.

Marel Nugge Line USA

At IPPE, Marel Poultry launches its Automated Nugget Line, a cube cutting solution which saves labor and enhances efficiency

Animal welfare
At IPPE, Marel Poultry also launches its Stork ATLAS live bird handling system in the USA. The complete configuration features destacking, washing and restacking, but the heart of the system is the technologically advanced SmartStack module, which not only gives high attention to animal welfare but also increases efficiency significantly. While providing more space to each bird, the cleverly designed SmartStack increases loading capacity, which means fewer truck movements and therefore less CO2 emission. By upholding food safety and preventing cross-contamination, ATLAS also sets new standards in hygiene. At Marel Poultry’s IPPE booth, the ATLAS showcase will be combined with a CAS SmoothFlow controlled atmosphere stunning application, showing the harmonious integration of both solutions.

Marel Stork ATLAS

The Stork ATLAS live bird handling system excels In all areas: efficiency, animal welfare, food safety and sustainability

Perfectly batching large products
Another first for the USA is the brand new MHW Medium. It’s the latest, largest and smartest member of Marel’s multihead weigher family. Featuring 20 heads, it can be used for packing fresh, sticky poultry parts into fixed-weight batches. The MHW Medium is particularly fit for the US market, as it can batch bigger breast fillets, thighs, drumsticks, wings, tenderloins and nuggets. The new screw design ensure correct singulation; products cannot stick to each other. With only one product in each hopper, it is much easier to make perfect fixed-weight batches, resulting in fewer rejects and higher throughput.