Eagle Offers a Virtual Poultry Show to Demonstrate New Technologies

eaglepiAt a time when many industry events are cancelled or postponed, Eagle Product Inspection is hosting its first-ever online trade show for poultry processors. “The purpose of our Virtual Poultry Show is to share new technologies, provide insights on food safety and quality solutions and answer questions in a way that is convenient and helpful for poultry companies,” explains Christy Draus, Marketing Manager for Eagle.

Eagle PoultryShow editorialimage v4 02SEPT2020

The highlight of the Eagle Virtual Poultry Show is the new PXT™ (Performance X-ray Technology), a radically enhanced technology that captures more detailed data about inspected poultry products. Through this system, processors can detect bone down to 1 mm. “This is a breakthrough for poultry bone detection, and it comes at a time when those who produce poultry need to minimize their risk and protect their products and brands as much as possible,” says Draus.

In addition to interactive demonstrations of the PXT™ technology, now equipped on the Eagle RMI 400 and Eagle Pack 400 HC machines, the online event will feature other inspection system demonstrations, along with educational videos, webinars, white papers, and so much more. Visitors can chat with Eagle experts, scheduled meetings and request a quote.

To attend the Eagle Virtual Poultry Show, visit

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