PROVISUR® Technologies: Versatility and performance at the forefront of innovation

provisurProvisur® is a leading manufacturer of industrial food processing equipment, headquartered in Chicago, USA, with offices and innovation centers worldwide. Living up to its motto, "Pushing Boundaries," the company continuously innovates in technology, applications, and service to maximize value, supporting its customers in expanding the global supply of safe, nutritious, and affordable food.

The company will showcase new innovative applications from value added equipment to full line solutions at PROPAK Asia in Bitec Bangna, Bangkok, Thailand, from June 12th until June 15th.

Barracuda® SME820: Patented technology that delivers maximum versatility

With a mix of rotation, belt and pressing technology, the Provisur portfolio is unique in providing all necessary separation systems for the efficient processing of meat, poultry, and other raw materials such as potatoes, fruit, and vegetables. The broad range of applications all have one thing in common: high-yield separation of bone fragments, sinew, cartilage, and other material. On show at ProPak Asia will be Provisur’s Barracuda 820. The screw and filter technology of this unique system offers an easy-to-use, simple operational mode and ensures low maintenance costs while at the same time maximising yield and preserving a low calcium level. Its innovative feed screw system, characterized by low RPM and single-screw technology, is designed for gentle processing of products. The ideal choice for more delicate products, minimizing waste and maximizing resource efficiency.

Provisur's Barracuda sets a new standard in meat separation technology. Its modular design offers almost unlimited configuration flexibility for diverse applications. The high-pressure vane pump efficiently processes bone waste and separates meat and fluid products, ensuring every resource is maximized.

Lutetia® T40 : Best-in-class equipment for defrosting, curing, marinating, drying, and smoking


The Lutetia Tumbler T40 shown on the show has a capacity of up to 1,200 kg for defrosting, smoking and curing fresh meat products, e.g. chicken breast, beef or any pork pieces. (Photo: Provisur)

Visitors will experience the Lutetia Tumbler T40 with a capacity of up to 1,200 kg for defrosting, smoking and curing fresh meat products, e.g. chicken breast, beef or any pork pieces. The patented Lutetia steam-vacuum process saves defrosting time and improves yield. The gradual low-pressure injection of steam under vacuum, speeds up the thawing process without the risk of cooking the product surface. Frozen blocks are gradually separated and reach uniform temperatures through tumbler rotation. Also, Lutetia® has developed an innovative patented technology using straight injection of smoke into the tumbler with or without drying function of the meat type.

Provisur’s PROactivation® technology is a patented method for cured meat and dry products that produce high quality products in a shorter time. While conventional methods for products such as air-dried ham, Black Forest ham, pancetta and more, require three to twelve months of maturing and drying, the entire process can be shortened to about two to four weeks with PROactivation® technology.

The NovaMax® 400: maximum versatility


The NovaMax® 400 is an extremely versatile machine for small to medium-sized businesses and forms a wide range of burger styles, chicken nuggets, alternative proteins, petfood products, and more.

The NovaMax® 400 is an extremely versatile machine for small to medium-sized businesses. It forms a wide range of burger styles and can also be used for chicken nuggets, alternative proteins, petfood products, and more. It can produce many different shapes from stars to dinosaurs, in fact any shape desired by the producer. Due to a fast and easy mold plate exchange, adapting the machine from nuggets to burgers, for example, is an efficient and time saving process.

The NovaMax features a hydraulic compression system that enables precise control of product flow during each filling cycle. This assures accurate fills, consistent weight control and uniform shaping: chicken nuggets are perfectly formed; beef burgers are precision manufactured with or without paper. The feed screw prevents tumbling or overworking and preserves the ideal texture for each product. A single vertical plunger operates one-on-one for large volume patties, but also handles several fillings for smaller patties and nuggets.

Provisur Technologies at ProPak Asia 2024 from June 12th to 15th in Bitec Bangna, Bangkok, Thailand:

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