Sustainability and the future of Traditional Food Enterprises at Anuga FoodTec


TRADEIT, a network for the support of traditional food producers, is hosting an event focused on sustainability for the smaller scale food producers alongside Anuga FoodTec trade fair in Cologne, in collaboration with Enterprise Europe Network.

Traditional, Craft and Artisan food products typically have brands built around sustainability a growing segment of the EU food market. This is linked to consumers investing deeply in brands and products that reflect their own personal values, the growing trend of buying local, traceable foods and supporting local economies.

To capitalize on this market opportunity a significant increase in innovation is required from Traditional Food producing enterprises to generate products that are authentic, yet meet 21st century standards in food safety, nutritional content, sensory value, convenience, traceability, environmental impact and sustainability.

Exposure to new technologies, production protocols, knowledge and opportunities such as emerging market channels, alternative business models, pricing strategies, marketing and supply chain frequently creates the environment for innovation, optimization and SME. However identifying new knowledge, sourcing equipment and technology can be both time consuming and challenging for small-scale food producers.  

In response to this the TRADEIT project ( is hosting 6 themed technology brokerage events (Dairy, Meat, Bakery, Packaging, Food Safety and Sustainability).  

The Sustainability Technology Brokerage Event, taking place on March 26th an 27th at Anuga FoodTec 2015, will be a combination of workshops and B2B meetings and will provide participants with an opportunity to connect with people and companies dedicated to changing the food system

The event will focus on technologies, innovations and best practice solutions for creating cost effective production systems bringing together traditional Dairy, Meat and Bakery producers with suppliers to explore technologies and solutions for sustainable practices in water, waste and energy management, transport and logistics, raw material sourcing, process optimization and sustainability certification. TRADEIT will also present at the scientific conference at Aunga FoodTec on March 25th.

Supporting traditional Meat producers is a key pillar of activity of the project. The project has a Hub focused specifically on supporting Traditional and craft meat producers in Spain. This hub hosted by Food Cluster + I ( is running an extensive program of workshops and technology related events. The Meat Technology Brokerage Event will take place May 5th & 6th in La Rioja, Spain. This event hosted by Food Cluster + I will explore emerging consumers trends, new innovations, technologies and best practices (processing, packaging, traceability, sustainability and safety) for Meat Sector.

If you are a food producer, enterprise or research interested in equipment and technologies relating to sustainability and innovation in the Meat sector with technologies or business opportunities to offer contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  

The TRADIET project has received FP7 funding from the European Commission to support the Traditional Food Producers across Europe with a particular focus upon Dairy, Meat and Bakery sectors  ( A wide range of supports in the areas of Entrepreneurship, Knowledge and Technology Transfer are available to the EU wide network of traditional agrifood stakeholders that the project has developed.  

To enable the project to support enterprises at a regional level the TRADEIT network is divided into 9 regional sub-networks across Europe, each managed from a TRADEIT Knowledge Transfer Hub. The project is designed is responsive, enabling each Hub to offer a training and events designed to meet the needs and request of the enterprises at a regional level.

If you are a food producer interested in competitiveness and sustainability, with a need for training, equipment, business support, opportunities to network with European food producers, models of best practice, new market channels, partnership and product development opportunities the TRADEIT can support. All TRADEIT activities are cost free; the project will run until November 2016. To join the Network register at email queries to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.