anritsuSafeguarding consumers from contaminants in the food chain is paramount to protect both the retailer and supplier alike – finding the smallest foreign body or bone fragment in processed poultry or cuts of meat can be seriously damaging both financially and to a company’s reputation.

The food industry is under increasing pressure from both regulatory authorities and consumers to implement reliable methods of inspection to ensure product security and quality. Continuing advances in detection technology available from companies such as Anritsu Industrial Solutions Ltd is playing an important role in food safety.

Anritsu, an award-winning supplier of food safety solutions, is confident that the latest ultra-sensitive technology now available on the market can offer peace of mind to the meat and poultry sectors by detecting the most minuscule contaminant, whether bone, metal or other foreign bodies.

Suppliers like Anritsu are always responding with innovative solutions to the drive from food manufacturers for new products so that they can be totally confident that their products are free from foreign bodies and safe for consumption by consumers.

Conventional bone detection methods by lowering X-Ray tube voltage to increase image contrast does not help if there is no difference of effect between a contaminant and a product, such as poultry bone in poultry meat. It is also difficult to detect foreign bodies in a product with uneven thickness, some parts of which are as dark as the contaminant.

The KD Series of X-Ray Inspection Systems from Anritsu is highly sensitive for detecting the smallest bone fragments in a huge variety of food raw materials and finished poultry, beef and pork products, including fan, wish and rib bones in chicken breast meat.

KD-74 with DUAL X has a newly developed sensor. This dual sensor technology and the unique image processing algorithms using high energy and low energy simultaneously enhance detection sensitivity to previously unattainable levels. It performs reliable and accurate inspection of overlapping and randomly oriented meat products without negative effects.

Also available from Anritsu are the standard KD74 model for retail packaged products and bulk flow production and the KD74-f for dry foods. The KD74 series has 0.4mm HD resolution and faster processing power improves contaminant detection and allows for the introduction of missing component, shape, count and Virtual Weighing quality inspection features.

For bone detection in pumpable meat, such as mince, diced pork and chicken nuggets, Anritsu’s Pipe Line X-ray is ideal when installed prior to forming machines. This system offers continuous inspection of fluid and semi-solid products flowing through a pipe – 1-2mm pork/beef bone detection, 2-4mm for poultry. Anritsu can also supply machines for detecting bones in a packaged finished product.

All Anritsu’s X-ray inspection systems are renowned for satisfying every regulatory safety standard around the world. Anritsu UltraHD technology can detect down to 0.2mm diameter ferrous, non-ferrous and stainless steel sphere at production line speeds. Anritsu’s ability to detect contaminants with high accuracy, sensitivity and repeatability is unmatched in the industry.