Under The Dome – Premium Sealable Lid From KM Packaging

kmFollowing recent product innovation in skin and shrink films, KM Packaging has launched yet another revolutionary lidding solution targeting premium foods – especially those which are bulky or awkwardly shaped.

The KM KDome is a clear, sealable dome lid tailor-made to present foodstuffs in the most attractive way on shelf, fastened to the base with a sealant that has been specially-developed to suit either aluminium or CPET trays. KM Packaging worked with tray-sealing machinery specialist Proseal UK to develop and test the sealant technology, combining decades of experience in flexible packaging and sealing to create brand new, bespoke solutions.

Ideal for multiple applications from premium ready meals to gourmet products, including joints of meat such as whole chickens – notoriously challenging to display in a clear, attractive package – the KDome brings significant improvements to up-market packaging. Previously, dome lids were clipped onto the tray, leading to leakage and, as a result, poor shelf life and spoilage.

In addition to the bespoke seal, customers can also specify a gas flush when using the KDome. Created from coated APET, the lid is easily detached from the tray, providing the convenience of a ready-to-cook product in an ovenable tray. KM Packaging can supply customers directly or work with thermoforming specialists to provide a combined solution.

KM Commercial Director, Graham Holding, explained: “Our new KDome is the latest tool that manufacturers can use to display high quality food products in a very upmarket way – but with none of the previous disadvantages of this type of lid. We’re very proud that it showcases not only our acknowledged expertise in flexible packaging, but also our often-understated skills in sealant technology.

“KDome’s flexibility enables manufacturers to maximise the ways in which products can be merchandised in-store, bringing real added value to premium packaging. In addition, we anticipate that the KDome will be of particular interest to thermoformers who are interested in working with KM to develop a bespoke lidding solution for their own, tailor-made base trays.”

KM Packaging is constantly investing in new technologies and flexible packaging solutions. The company’s experience and commitment to rapid turnaround mean that it can meet demand for both high volume orders and also fast delivery on short-run seasonal products. For more information about the company and its vast range of flexible and reliable packaging solutions, please visit the website www.kmpack.co.uk or call 01832 274944.