Marinated poultry in TraySkin® packaging: SEALPAC’s innovative vacuum packaging system for optimal taste

sealpacFor most people, spontaneous outdoor socializing with friends and family is a beloved activity in summer time. Nowadays, also among BBQ fans, there is a growing attention for a healthy diet. For those who prefer low-fat products, poultry meat is an excellent alternative. Here, pre-marinated delicacies are in high demand. These are not just delicious, but also allow for spontaneous grilling, as no time needs to be calculated for making a marinade nor for preparing the meat inside it.

TraySkin® – excellent for marinated grill chicken
Be it chicken breast, chicken legs or even whole birds – SEALPAC’s TraySkin® system is perfectly suited to enhance the taste of marinated, ready-to-grill poultry products. By means of this special vacuum packaging system, such products are hermetically sealed inside the tray with a highly transparent barrier film that fits the contours of the product like a second skin. As the contents in the tray are securely held, the product is closely surrounded by its marinade, allowing it to fully develop its flavour. This leads to excellent aroma and perfectly tender meat. The result: a real BBQ treat, with the additional option of preparing the meat in the oven outside the grill season.

Safely packaged, with longer shelf life
The TraySkin® system not only guarantees excellent meat quality, but also protects the product inside the securely sealed tray. Owing to SEALPAC’s EasyPeelPoint system, the skin film can be removed fast and with minimum effort. In addition, manufacturers, retailers and consumers all benefit from an extended shelf life of its contents. Depending on the product and hygiene conditions, the shelf life date can sometimes be improved by up to 50%.

Attractive appearance, pleasant feel – standing out at retail
TraySkin® allows for an attractive and space-saving presentation at retail. Due to the tight-fitting film, these packs can be presented hanging or standing in a cardboard box. The contents, including marinade, are securely fixed in the tray, with no visible driploss. This also prevents a contaminated top film, which is common for other packaging systems. As such, the TraySkin® system achieves an optimal appearance, which is enhanced even more due to its 3D effect. This makes TraySkin® packaging a true eyecatcher at retail.

TraySkin® on SEALPAC’s A-series traysealers
The reliable and appealing TraySkin® packs can be produced on all of SEALPAC’s Aseries traysealers. These efficient and powerful machines, which can be used for various tray-sealing applications and tray formats, are all equipped with an innovative tooling quick exchange system that allows fast changeovers to different packaging systems. Whether it concerns TraySkin®, Modified Atmosphere Packaging or other applications, highest flexibility is guaranteed.