Meat Processing: Discover in 30 mins how to exceed in Quality, Safety and Performance

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Ahead of the Game in Meat Processing Industry

Webinar: Ahead of the Game in Meat Processing Industry

Discover in 30 mins how to exceed in Quality, Safety, and Performance


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Meat Processing Industry must shift its focus towards operational efficiency to stay ahead of the curve. Manufacturers are driving digital transformation programs through their organization to improve productivity, compliance and, ultimately, profitability.

What if:

  • a unified software platform would enable full quality and end-to-end traceability operations to be fully integrated to the manufacturing best practices in all production steps?

  • a unified usage of master data, recipe, and history information would be available in quality assurance, R&D operations and on the shop floor, for both existing and testing phase products?

  • you would be able to manage and control meat balancing information by measuring, storing and visualizing, in real-time, the meat yield and waste information to drive immediate corrective actions?

AVEVA is helping meat processing companies to exceed quality, safety, and performance goals with a comprehensive set of operations management software solutions.  


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Register for the live webinar on October, 29 at 3.00 pm (CET)


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