The Marel ModularOven+ can adapt to production needs

marelReproducible quality combined with higher yield and machine health monitoring

The Marel ModularOven+ offers state-of-the-art oven technology in a truly modular format. It can be tailored flexibly to meet exact production needs.

ModularOven+ provides customizable, award-winning oven technology that allows processors to begin with essential features and add more capacity or features as needed, such as transitioning from 500 kW to 900 kW heaters.

The Marel ModularOven+ is designed to meet varied production requirements with unparalleled flexibility and high yield, while also providing machine health monitoring.

It cooks, steams and roasts
When it comes to creating the highest rate of reproducible quality of products, maximum yield and unbeatable uniformity are the key words for the ModularOven+. Drawing on over three decades of expertise in heating technology, Marel has designed the ModularOven+ to deliver unparalleled flexibility and control over the production process.

Two-zone versatility
The ModularOven+ has two separate zones, each with independent controls for temperature, dew point and air speed. This provides high versatility for two different climates, whether for steaming, cooking or roasting. For example, one tower may be used for high dew point steaming, while the other is used for high temperature, low dew point roasting.

Product consistency
Equipped with an air regulation system featuring high-tech diffusers and multiple temperature sensors per zone, the ModularOven+ ensures optimal airflow, even heat distribution, and ideal moisture content. This results in a consistent core temperature and reproducible quality, irrespective of variables like time of day, belt position, or oven loading. The system enables lower core temperature averages, leading to shorter cooking times and significant energy savings. The combination of separate climate zones and air regulation results in up to 6% higher yield compared to other comparable ovens.

Machine health monitoring
integrated SmartBase software allows processors to proactively analyze performance, identify areas for improvement, and pinpoint potential issues before they occur. This internal digital engine offers the opportunity to (remotely) monitor the health of the oven and allows for (remote) support by Marel.
SmartBase goes beyond visualization of the extra data it retrieves on the dashboard. Combined with predictive, standardized maintenance, SmartBase can really reduce unexpected downtime.

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