Frontmatec enters into partnership with AIRA

frontmatecFrontmatec has entered into an agreement to acquire 40% of the shares in ASSESSORAMENT INDUSTRIAL ROBÒTICA I AUTOMATITZACIÓ, S.L. (“AIRA”), a leading supplier of advanced robotic solutions for the meat industry. The current owner and founder Xavi Jané López will continue as Managing Director and majority shareholder. The partnership will provide Frontmatec with unique competencies in robotic solutions, complementing the already strong automation portfolio of Frontmatec. The partnership will focus on supporting the increasing level of automation in the global meat industry.

Henrik Andersen

“Currently we are seeing a rapid increase in the demand for advanced robotic solutions in the market and, thus we are very pleased about the partnership with Xavi and his team. The partnership will position Frontmatec/AIRA as the undisputed leader supplying robotic solutions to the industry and we are looking very much forward to begin the journey together.”
- Henrik Andersen, CEO

airaFounded in 2001, AIRA is a highly reputable Spanish company offering advanced robotic solutions to the meat industry. AIRA has a large installed base and is located near Barcelona with 23 highly skilled employees.

“I am very pleased about the partnership agreement with Frontmatec. I am confident that the global position of Frontmatec combined with our unique products and solutions will result in mutual benefits for both companies.”
- Xavi Jané López, Founder of AIRA

Going forward, AIRA will become the “competence center” of robotic solutions for slaughter line and other related application in close cooperation with Frontmatec R&D teams worldwide. AIRA will continue to commercialize its solutions in Spain as current while utilizing the global position of Frontmatec to expand outside Spain.

aira robots

About AIRA

AIRA Robotica, founded in 2001 is a specialist in robotics in which the company has developed and commissioned a large number of installations. The company is based in Cardona (near Barcelona) in Spain and employs 23 highly experienced and qualified employees. The company invests heavily in research and development of new robotic applications.

About Frontmatec

Frontmatec develops world-leading customized solutions for automation in the food industry, other hygiene sensitive industries and the utilities industry. We are especially renowned for our high-quality systems for the entire value chain in the meat industry – from hygiene systems to control systems, from carcass grading to slaughter lines, from cutting and deboning lines to logistics and packaging. Frontmatec employs more than 1200 employees in 10 countries with a turnover of +200M EUR.