Washers from JEROS secure food safety for Middle Eastern customers

jerosJEROS, a Danish producer and supplier of industrial washers, is increasing activities in the Middle East. The company experience growing demand for securing food safety and cost-effective equipment.

“Generally, the Middle Eastern food industry is growing. The market has a large tradition of processed products like dates and nuts, and those companies seek to increase their efficiency using LEAN-processes for example,” Evita Rosdahl, CEO at JEROS, says.

JEROS design and produce industrial washers for the food industry worldwide. According to Evita Rosdahl more food segments and companies are evolving in the Middle East.

“The dairy segment is growing and large corporations like Pepsi Co., Kraft Foods and Nestle are starting production in the Middle East. They have huge demands for food safety because they have a global press crisis on their hands if their food is infected with bacteria.”

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Washers from JEROS clean equipment at the exact temperature required to maintain a good hygienic environment. The employees use trolleys so that they do not have to fill the washers by hand.

Washers secure safe and efficient food production
Therefore, JEROS experience increasing demands for their washers, which ensures less down time and a more thorough wash down of equipment.

“The Middle East have high food safety standards, meaning that equipment has to be washed frequently. A multi weighing scale, for example, has several scale pans that needs to be washed separately. These scale pans are expensive, and it takes a lot of time if employees have to wash them manually,” Evita Rosdahl explains. She continues.

“Using a washer is quicker and it secures safe handling of expensive equipment. The washers clean at the exact temperature required, which is important to maintain a good hygienic environment and they are ergonomically designed with e.g. trolleys so that employees do not have to lift equipment by hand.”

JEROS will be exhibiting at Gulfood Manufacturing 2015 in Dubai October 27-29. Meet them at the Danish Pavilion in hall 3, concourse 1, stand B3-36.